SBA Procurement Fraud Attorneys & SBA 8a Program Defense Lawyers

Protecting your rights if you are accused of small business fraud or any type of federal procurement fraud including SBA 8(a), HUBZone or other programs.

SBA Procurement Fraud Attorneys & SBA 8a Program Defense LawyersThe Department of Justice (DOJ), Inspector General (IG), and the Small Business Administration (SBA) have developed increased oversight efforts in SBA fraud cases for stopping small business fraud in the SBA 8a program. Not all activities are per se fraudulent. Government procurement fraud allegations have increased in the past 12 years.

Sometimes small business and larger government contractors are subjected to SBA fraud investigations and ultimately charges and indictment for criminal government fraud. Get help defeating the government’s case against your company and avoid costly legal mistakes made by traditional criminal attorneys without federal procurement experience. There is where companies and individuals should not gamble with the traditional corporate attorney or criminal law attorneys that do not understand federal government procurement law. Having experienced government procurement defense lawyers is critical.

  • SBA 8a Program and business fraud allegations;
  • SBA procurement fraud cases and defense in HUBZone Program fraud 
  • SBA Fraud investigation for small businesses charged with procurement fraud violations;
  • False Claims Act investigations
  • Procurement Integrity Act
  • Wire fraud and mail fraud assistance when charged with defrauding SBA small business programs
  • Procurement Integrity Act
  • Suspension and Debarment
  • Representation for large or small businesses

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SBA Fraud in the 8a Program and HUBZone Program

The SBA oversees a variety of small business programs. The main two small business programs where government contractors face charges for government procurement and SBA fraud are the 8(a) Program and the SBA HUBZone Program. Even contracting officers find themselves reporting a business for bad practices. At Watson & Associates, LLC our federal contracting and procurement lawyers provide legal defense services for federal government contractors in all states.

Note: Common traps for small business 8a fraud occur when companies enter into teaming agreements or joint venture arrangements where both companies misrepresent material information to the SBA or contracting agency. Our business fraud attorneys can help companies to take proactive measures or provide legal defense when the government makes fraud allegations.

Our SBA fraud defense lawyers help with a variety of small business fraud issues including the following:

  • SBA 8a Program defense contractor fraud –  Small businesses in the 8a Program face a myriad of legal challenges. They can range for providing false statements to the government during the 8a certification process; providing fraudulent information in order to get federal contracts either by sole source or the 8a set-aside programs. Whether you are an 8a construction company subject to fraud under the False Claims Act or some other theme of procurement fraud for avoiding the 8a certification requirements, a procurement fraud attorneys at the Watson Law Firm can help. We are familiar with the various SBA regulations such under 13 CFR 124, 13 CFR 121 and other SBA regulations
  • SBA HUBZone Program defense contractor fraud. Similar to SBA 8a Program procurement fraud, small businesses in the HUBZone Program are equally exposed to criminal charges for wire fraud, provide false statement to the government in order to get HUBZone status; failure to comply with HUBZone employee residency requirements, and other attempts to defraud the federal government. When companies are facing criminal charges for HUBZone procurement fraud, they should seek legal advice from an attorney that really understands the government small business programs. Our lawyers are familiar with the requirements of 13 CFR 126, 13 CFR 125, and other HUBZone regulations. Call Watson & Associates’ contractor defense attorneys for immediate help.
  • Mail and Wire Fraud. Once defense contractors are charged with some level of procurement fraud, the government can strategically move forward with additional counts of mail fraud and/or wire fraud. Whether your provide facilities support, supplies, equipment, repairs, construction or technical services, our defense attorneys can provide aggressive representation.

Defending the rights of federal government contractors accused of mail and wire fraud: When defense contractors are facing criminal charges or civil charges for procurement fraud, the government attorneys look at detailed facts and reports submitted by agency investigations and other evidence provided. Federal laws such as 18 USC 1341 and 18 USC 1343 are dangerous federal statutes that allow the government or pursue mail and wire fraud. However, government contractors have legal defenses that can offset the intended outcome of either a criminal case or federal case. At Watson & Associates, our defense lawyers will assemble a solid defense team to aggressively defend your case.

Defending the rights of federal government contractors accused of Federal False Claims Act violations: The Federal False Claims Act is another federal statute where federal government contractors find themselves facing criminal charges or civil penalties for alleged SBA fraud violations. Whether the legal issues arise from employees that report small business activity, faulty invoices, actions from subcontractors or providing defective products, our false claims defense attorneys can help.

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